St Clair Tae Kwon Do

Five Tenents of Tae Kwon Do


To be polite to everyone. You must always be courteous to your instructors, seniors and fellow students.


To be honest with yourself. You must be able to define the difference between right and wrong.


To achieve a goal. Whether a higher grade or a new technique, you should never stop trying.

Self Control

To always be in control of your actions. You must be able to live, work and train within your capabilities.

Indomitable Spirit

To show courage when you and your principles are pitted against overwhelming odds. You should do your utmost to never give up.


Board Breaking Technique

Breaking a board is a way to practice concentration, power, focus, speed and precision without injury to oneself or another. Why didn't my board break?

If you had difficulties with a board breaking technique, you most likely skipped some of the areas listed below:

  • Practice your technique more often, using the correct part of the foot or hand. Make sure that your arm or leg moves along the correct path to the target.
  • Focus -look at your target when striking (look before, during and after striking)
  • Accuracy- aim for the center of the target. (If you don't see your target, your strike will not be that accurate).
  • Speed- your technique must have sufficient speed in order to break a board. Start your technique by chambering correctly.
  • Force = Power (using force without speed, often displaces or pushes the target/board without breaking it).

Attendance Cards

When you join, you receive a white card. This card must be brought to every class to be signed by the instructor. This card is your responsibility to pick up after each workout. Without the necessary number of signatures, you cannot test.

Attendance cards are the responsibility of the student, not a parent. These cards are to be kept in good condition, if lost; the student may obtain a new card for a nominal fee of $1.00.

This card must be presented at testing as part of the requirement and the Master will notice the condition and number of signatures to help decide whether a student may test or not.